What is a Beach Wahine (wa·hi·ne /wäˈhēnē/)?

Wahine pronounced wah-hee-nee in Hawaii is defined as a girl or young woman. In slang, the word also refers to a young woman surfer. All women are known as wahines in Hawaii. It is customary for many local restrooms to label their bathroom doors with the words Wahine for woman and Kane for man.

We bring you Beach Wahine, an online boutique designed for the woman that lives, loves, and breathes the beach lifestyle.

About the Owner

Owner Carla Capone with daughter Sasha (left)

Having the luxury of growing up in Hawaii, afforded me a desirable upbringing surrounded by the Pacific blue ocean. Being a Pisces, it’s where I felt most natural, happy and seemingly a part of nature. Summer months were especially fun as my father would take weeks off from work to take me and my sisters to play in the sun and sand practically every day.  These were days back in the 70′s, when we were unfazed by the idea of getting sunburned; in fact that was our whole intention. I remember returning to school so tanned feeling satisfied with the sun’s mocha java stain upon my skin.

When I got older and had my own children, I shared that same passion and love of the beach with them. My daughter soon inherited the irresistible desire of the seashore and its endless playground. As she got older we spent many magical days at the beach. We browned our bodies, shared stories, laughter and secrets to one another. Going to the beach was our way of rejuvenating our souls, body and mind.

Beach Wahine Hawaii Boutique was built upon memories of perfect fun-filled days spent by magnificent blue skies and turquoise seas. We designed our shop around eclectic and unique products that embrace the Hawaiian Islands. Most of our merchandise is handmade from local and talented designers. When you shop at our boutique, hopefully you’ll remember a fond memory of a day spent by nature’s shore line. We want you to find that special shell bracelet or beautiful dress that gives you a reason to rekindle your beach wahine… near or far.


Enjoy “Life at the Beach…”