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Jewelry from Hawaii
hand-made by local island designers whom capture the beauty of the islands
in Hawaiian necklaces and Hawaiian bracelets and other stunning Hawaii jewelry accessories.

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  •  Turquoise Compass Stretch bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry  Turquoise Compass Stretch bracelet
  • Aloha Shield necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Aloha Shield necklace
  • Aloha Tag Point necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Aloha Tag Point necklace
  • Amethyst Trilliant Bar Earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Amethyst Trilliant Bar Earring
  • Baby Pineapple necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Baby Pineapple necklace
  • whale tail/magenta tassle
    Hawaiian Jewelry Beach Charm Long necklace
  • Beach Wahine Gold Bar necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Beach Wahine Gold Bar necklace
  • Beach Wahine Silver Bar necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Beach Wahine Silver Bar necklace
  • blue/coral
    Hawaiian Jewelry Beaded Wrap Hoop earring
  • Black Bali bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry Black Bali bracelet
  • Black Shark Tooth necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Black Shark Tooth necklace
  • Blue Crystal Drop necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Blue Crystal Drop necklace
  • Blue Crystal Oval Earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Blue Crystal Oval Earring
  • Blue Druzy necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Blue Druzy necklace
  • Bullion necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Bullion necklace
  • Carnelian Cluster Earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Carnelian Cluster Earring
  • Chocolate Single Tahitian Pearl Ladder bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry Chocolate Single Tahitian Pearl Ladder bracelet
  • Chrysophase Stretch bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry Chrysophase Stretch bracelet
  • Circle Y necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Circle Y necklace
  • Coral Bali bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry Coral Bali bracelet
  • Coral Drop Earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Coral Drop Earring
  • black
    Hawaiian Jewelry Crystal Point Long necklace
  • Curved Bar necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Curved Bar necklace
  • Dagger necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Dagger necklace
  • Deep Waters Drop necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Deep Waters Drop necklace
  • brown
    Hawaiian Jewelry Double Crystal Point necklace
  • Green Onyx Bezel earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Green Onyx Bezel earring
  • Hammered Hoop earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Hammered Hoop earring
  • Kanoa stretch bracelet set
    Hawaiian Jewelry Kanoa stretch bracelet set
  • Labradorite Slice Arrowhead necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Labradorite Slice Arrowhead necklace
  • Lela V-ring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Lela V-ring
  • Long Y necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Long Y necklace
  • Love and Aloha necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Love and Aloha necklace
  • Love By the Sea bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry Love By the Sea bracelet
  • Make Waves bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry Make Waves bracelet
  • Mamanuca stretch bracelet set
    Hawaiian Jewelry Mamanuca stretch bracelet set
  • Mermaid Gold Bar necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Mermaid Gold Bar necklace
  • Mermaid's Tear necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Mermaid's Tear necklace
  • Moana necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Moana necklace
  • Moana Shell stud earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Moana Shell stud earring
  • Moonstone & Labradorite Lariat necklace
    Hawaiian Jewelry Moonstone & Labradorite Lariat necklace
  • Multi-Shipwreck Hand Chain
    Hawaiian Jewelry Multi-Shipwreck Hand Chain
  • Nanuya stretch bracelet set
    Hawaiian Jewelry Nanuya stretch bracelet set
  • Nico ring set
    Hawaiian Jewelry Nico ring set
  • Nohea Pearl bangle
    Hawaiian Jewelry Nohea Pearl bangle
  • Nori ring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Nori ring
  • Oval Petal Pearl Cluster Earring
    Hawaiian Jewelry Oval Petal Pearl Cluster Earring
  • Pink Bali bracelet
    Hawaiian Jewelry Pink Bali bracelet

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